Implementing SecretManager in UniversalAutomation 1.5.3

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.3

Am I being silly or is the secretmanager not supported in the latest versions of universal automation. Is this article now completely irrelevant Using Run As Credentials for Universal Automation Jobs – Ironman Software

That article is irrelevant. I will take it down. Secret management is still supported: Variables - PowerShell Universal (

You can assign credentials when running scripts: Scripts - PowerShell Universal (

Secrets are also available within jobs themselves.

I realise I didn’t make it clear. I meant using a custom vault I.e. Pssecretstore or whatever. Is that no longer possible?

Custom vaults are supported but we do not yet support the new microsoft secret manager module (0.5.5-preview6). You need to use the 0.2.1 module which doesn’t have great vault support. We jumped on the secret management module train too early and then they changed the module completely so we’ve been holding off upgrading until it’s at least out of preview so we dont have to do it again.

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Is there any documentation on how to implement this then as I can’t find any reference to the old new-uasecretmanager command

The 0.2.1 alpha module is in PSGallery but it’s also packaged with PowerShell Universal. I’m also trying to get the new version of the vault implemented so I can integrate Azure KeyVault.

Call me stupied but it’s working for me aldo I have the 0.9.1 version.
But I guess that could get trubbeling with time how do I reinstall the 0.2.1 version and remove the 0.9.1 version that I have today according to PowerShell running on my PSU server.

You do not have to reinstall 0.2.1, it is embedded in the installation of PowerShell Universal. Simply not importing 0.9.1 in your dashboard code will use 0.2.1. Also, not specifying 0.9.1 in your Import-Module call will almost certainly cause the product to ignore the call because 0.2.1 is already imported into the environment.

Then I get it, so I’ll just remove the import in my envirument setup. Thanks!

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