IIS hosting or kestrel hosting

We just bought a license for our organisation and we are wondering about the differences between hosting PSU with IIS or as a service trough kestrel.

Will PSU be able to handle a large volume of user if it is hosted on IIS for example?

The pros of IIS Hosting, is the ease of certificate management, and that IIS is a familiar product to work with and find resources about.
Another pro is the Binding options in IIS, which can allow you to host multiple Sites on the same server, if that’s ever relevant.
I used IIS for many years, but it also adds another layer of troubleshooting, on my last install I opted for the kestrel method.

Both options can handle any amount of users you throw at it.

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Thanks PorreKaj for the clarification. I assume that hosting multiple sites on the same server will require a license for each site unless you get an enteprise license instead of a server license?

Indeed, back in the Universal Dashboard days the language of the License terms used the “Per server” term, it has since been changed to Per Instance, to clarify.

A benefit of multiple instances per server is if you are in an environment where getting multiple servers is not easy :smiley:
Even if unlicensed, secondary sites could be used for development etc.

Not the most frequent use case I guess.
Others use IIS to also implement Nested sites.

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Thanks for the clarification! it is really apreciated