IIS 10: 503 Service Unavailable Windows Server 2019

Good day! I deployed a farm based on Windows Server 2019 in the RDS test environment. All

components were installed successfully, but when I try to open the address with the rdweb

collections, I get a 503 Service Unavailable error, I find out that this is a problem of the

pool responsible for this, but it has a constant status works, where to dig and what’s the

problem? I do everything on Dell Power Edge Server R740

What Product/Application are you actually talking about here?
Sounds like you posted this in the wrong forum lol

I just didn’t get the config file generated, I figured it out. But I decided that it would be easier to completely reinstall the operating system. Link

Sorry still non the wiser, I cant read russian :laughing: but I’m glad you got to the bottom of and fixed whatever problem you had!