How to pass variable value from New-UDInput to a new page (New-UDInputAction -RedirectUrl)


I’m trying to build some AD reports, like active users, last password change and similar for the bunch of AD domains using PowerShell Universal Dashboard.

I supply the list of the domains in csv file and I loop New-UDInput to create a card for each domain, with that domain name and a “Run Report” button.

When the button is pressed, New-UDInputAction is triggered which replaces the original card with a card in which it shows the results of the report and it all works well, but it all happens on the same page.

What I would like is for the report to shows in a new dynamic page, but I can’t get the value of the $domain variable from the original to the new page. The variable contains the AD domain name of the selected domain and is necessary for the report to run successfully.

Do anyone know how to achieve this?