Redirect Form Inputs


I am redoing some scripts that I had done before Powershell Universal and I was using udinput and parameters to pass input from the form to another page.

Now that I am using UDForm - I cannot seem to figure out how to grab the inputs from the form and pass them to another page.

I am sorry if this is a simple task - I am still somewhat learning powershell. Is there some samples or a tutorial on how to do this?



Which Universal Dashboard framework are you using v2 or v3?

Either way you have a few options here.
You could either use a dynamic page, passing variables over the url. Alternatively you could use a $session variable to store information followed by the same variable on your next page to retrieve it.

Here’s a few links that might point you in the right direction for V2 at least:
Dynamic Pages
Session scope

Here are the docs for v3:

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I am using V3.

Thank you – I got it working.