How to make a wide, but low chart


I need to make a chart that fills the width of the browser - easy peasy it does that by default. But that goes for Height too, and in my wide screens the bottom of the chart is outside the visible screen.

Charts have a Height parameter, but that can only be set together with width, and then you loose autoscale.

Any ideas?

You know I think I might have solved this myself.

Height and Width needs a value like “400px” as far as I know. but I initially thought it needed the values like columns do (1-12), so first time i set the height to 3, the chart expanded “infinitly” until my browser crashed.
I guesses that it might expand until it hit the border of the browser so to get a chart with a set height but scalable width i Simply set -Height 400px -Width 1.

I don’t think that effect is intentionally, but it works for me :slight_smile:
I love a good hack :heart:

any other ‘proper’ ideas are welcome

you can set on chart values like px, vw,vh,%
and its by design :slight_smile:

What are vw and vh and how are they used? % of what? What does an unmodified integer (like PorreKaj’s 1) indicate? What happens if a non-integer numbers is provided?

Tim Curwick

  • 1vw is 1% of the viewport width
  • 1vh is 1% of the viewport height