Grid page size not being honored

I’ve overcome my sql query woes. The next issue I’m facing is that New-UDGrid does not seem to honor the -PageSize parameter. My query is returning 163 items, so I would like to limit my page size to ~15.

However, It seems to be returning everything on one page, and not paging at all, even though there are pagination controls on the grid. Very strange, and I can’t seem to figure out why

Hello @steviecoaster yeah the page size works great for me:-

> New-UDGrid -Title "All Logged Complaints" -Headers @("ID", "Account", "Depot", "Status", "Problem", "IncidentDate", "Assigned", "Logged","Attachments") -Properties @("ComplaintID", "AccountName", "DepotName", "StatusSituation", "ProblemType", "IncidentDate", "AssignedTo", "LoggedDate","Attachments") -DefaultSortColumn "ComplaintID" -DefaultSortDescending -PageSize 10 -Endpoint

I do not think the pagesize works however if you are doing SERVER SIDE PROCESSING… the above code is a snippet from a grid I am using which only returns 10 results per page. If this does not solve your issue, please add some of your code for your grid. Thanks

Ha! You would be correct! Removing the -ServerSideProcessing does indeed do the trick! Apologies for a late response, I actually figured that out shortly after posting here but didn’t make it back to the forum to update this thread.

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Can you get a GitHub issue in for this? Should either work with ServerSidePaging or state that it’s not supported.

Yes sir! Done here:


I feel stupid now I always thought this was a feature of using the server side processing parameter. Good job of officially raising this for boss man to fix