Git TwoWay sync is still putting my admin portal into read only mode

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.12

Good Morning,

I’ve been trying to get Powershell Universal set up with a git repo this morning but I’m running into an issue where the admin portal is being put into read-only mode even when I set it to TwoWay or PushOnly mode. Is there a way I can force the admin portal out of read-only?

Do you have an edit button on the top menu bar? It may just be that you are in manual mode and need to click that to edit to create commits.

I do not. I nuked my repository because I’ve been having issues trying to ‘init’ the repo folder to the GitHub repository. I took a snapshot of the VM and have been playing around with a few things. With git two-way settings configured, I can’t create a new endpoint via the admin portal, there are no controls to do so.

After fiddling with the snapshot, restoring/updating/enabling git settings a few times I seem to have the edit button now. I’m not entirely sure what was happening there.

I do want to mention that it would seem the ‘Google’ and ‘Home’ icons may be broken in the latest release though. Those icons only produce a circle with a question mark in them for me after updating.

We had to make some changes to icons due to a licensing issue with FontAwesome Pro.


New-UDIcon -Icon ‘GoogleLogo’
New-UDIcon -Icon ‘House’

Icons are looked up by the Label in this metadata file if you are running into any others that don’t work.