Git errors that are not real?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.5
Running as a Service
Git: One-Way or Two-Way, Manual, GitHub

Does anyone know why i am getting this?

2022-12-05 07:48:34.137 -06:00 [ERR] Failed to sync: failed to send request: The operation timed out
    at LibGit2Sharp.Core.Ensure.HandleError(Int32 result) in C:\actions-runner\_work\universal\universal\src\libgit2sharp\LibGit2Sharp\Core\Ensure.cs:line 154
   at LibGit2Sharp.Core.Proxy.git_remote_fetch(RemoteHandle remote, IEnumerable`1 refSpecs, GitFetchOptions fetchOptions, String logMessage) in C:\actions-runner\_work\universal\universal\src\libgit2sharp\LibGit2Sharp\Core\Proxy.cs:line 2296
   at LibGit2Sharp.Commands.Fetch(Repository repository, String remote, IEnumerable`1 refspecs, FetchOptions options, String logMessage) in C:\actions-runner\_work\universal\universal\src\libgit2sharp\LibGit2Sharp\Commands\Fetch.cs:line 83
   at LibGit2Sharp.Commands.Pull(Repository repository, Signature merger, PullOptions options) in C:\actions-runner\_work\universal\universal\src\libgit2sharp\LibGit2Sharp\Commands\Pull.cs:line 34
   at UniversalAutomation.Git.GitService.Pull() in C:\actions-runner\_work\universal\universal\src\Universal.Server\Services\GitService.cs:line 393
   at UniversalAutomation.GitSyncService.TrySync(GitStatus status, Boolean force, GitSettings settings) in C:\actions-runner\_work\universal\universal\src\Universal.Server\Services\GitSyncService.cs:line 151
   at UniversalAutomation.GitSyncService.Sync(Boolean force) in C:\actions-runner\_work\universal\universal\src\Universal.Server\Services\GitSyncService.cs:line 117

The sync is working, because i get new code down to the machine when i do a PR.

we get this all the time as well. We are considering removing the git sync feature and just do everything manually.

Have you tried setting it up with an external Git client? We had continuous issues with the LibGit2Sharp sync built into Universal. Once Adam added the ability to use and external Git client our problems went away

I just installed git from here

and selected to use an external client in the setup.

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whhhaaaaaatttttt!!! I got to try that.

Did you get a chance to try this? Did it help?

I locked myself out of my PSU and had to delete my database and start over… i will have to stand up a standalone system to test with to see if i can get it to work