FormDesigner not inputting anything to resources file

Tool: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module

When I have a long multiline label with WinForms the designer converts it to:
$PrivacyWarningLabel.Text = $resources.GetString([System.String]‘PrivacyWarningLabel.Text’)
but does not put the text into the resource file. I have tried this with a completely blank form with just a label that was freshly created. I have no idea what needs to go into the resources file to get this to work but my current workaround is to just have shorter labels until someone can direct me how to use this function. I should add that if I put in a just a few pieces of text I can just open the designer file and edit it to include all of my original text but next time i open the file in designer it gets autoconverted to a string file again and the text is lost.

I’ll open an issue for this. I’ve never seen a long multiline label do this before. The resource file should be creating a resource dictionary.

If you would like to schedule a remote session you’re welcome to poke around and troubleshoot directly. I know reproducing issues can sometimes be a real pain! Thank you so much for responding on the weekend also!

fixed with update

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