Force authentication


What options do we have, to prevent a dashboard admin from accidentally unchecking the “Authentication” box in the dashboard settings?

My concern here being someone making a dashboardavailable to everyone, that contain functions or data, that should be restricted to someone. (ie a dashboard to reset passwords).

If that person has the admin role you can’t prevent it. But you can check the dashboards.ps1, change it and force a restart if authentication is not configured right. Or you put a check in the dashboard code

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Write a script that uses Get-PSUDashboard to retrieve the Name, Authenticated, and maybe Role properties then run it on a schedule.

Might be worth asking for a Trigger that fires on new dashboard creation so you could catch it sooner though.


Scripting to Check/Set authentication might be a solution.

Maybe one could check for roles, on dashboard visits, and redirect if no roles detected? would have to be done per page though, hmm.