First time accessing admin pages is slow, what's the reason?

hello all,

During a demo of work in progress today, I asked my colleagues to logon to the powershell universal admin pages.

It seems that the first time you login and load the admin pages, it’s quite slow (like seconds instead of milliseconds)

I told them this is only for the first time you login and load these pages but then somebody brought to my attention that in an incongnito or private browser session, the slow loading times persisted.

Is this expected behaviour and how can I explain this? My best guess is that there is a lot of caching going on, which you don’t have in an incognito window. Is this assumption correct?

a very happy powershell universal sysadmin

It’s an issue with the size of the JavaScript bundle. We’re trying to improve the performance on that as well as provide some feedback while the pieces of the bundle are loaded.

Once the user loads it the first time, their browse caches it but loading it in an incognito window will bypass the cache and cause the slowness again.

We’re aware and trying to make this experience better.

PS: Glad you are happy!!

Awesome thanks for the quick reply Adam.

Nobody in our company should access the pages in incognito mode so it’s not an issue. Good to know some extra background info though.

Yes I’m super happy with how things are progressing, cheers.