[2.5.2][IIS] Cache Pre-Loading

So, after an update to UD, (i think it was 2.4.x), the first time load speed of my dashboard was slowed significantly as populating the cache took a lot longer then it did previously.

It is only the first time the page is opened that its an issue, but i am wondering if it is possible to have it pre-load the cache upon starting the dashboard via IIS so the first user does not have to wait for the cache to load when they open the site.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

Hello @Jacob-Evans…you should post a snippet of your code…I mean I am assuming you are stating the cached variables and you’ve set a time interval for the cahe periods to refresh? Also if you are connecting to SQL to get the data, then maybe it will be quicker to load the data from a CSV instead of directly from SQL if you are even using SQL…drop a snip of your code, and sure some folks will be happy to help out.

I’m making a pull from Active Directory and loading account information.

The schedule refreshes the cache every 5 minutes.

I am also injecting a bunch of objects into the accounts for use in the dashboard.

My dashboard is based off of this: https://www.reddit.com/r/PowerShell/comments/ahon00/universal_dashboard_sample/

… It has subsequently grown quite a bit.