New-UDDynamic slow page load

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.0-beta5

Not sure whatever it was mentioned before here, but i noticed that when i use New-UDDynamic, its content (whatever its a set of radio buttons, or udselect or other component) is loading initially much slower that without it. (like without it, it is almost instantly but with UDDynamic takes like second or so)

Is it by design and we can do nothing about it or there are some tricks that can speed it up ?

Upgrade to at least 4.0.8.

Firstly, you are using a beta.

Secondly, Some changes to how cacheing is performed were made in 4.0.8 to greatly speed things up.

I will try on my docker test instance - maybe it will help thx

you were right
indeed its a lot faster, not instantly but a lot faster
to be honest - other elements are working better as well despite the fact that test instance is a slower machine.
time to upgrade :slight_smile:

Good to hear :slight_smile: