Feature Request: Stripped down/limited version of PSU for "client" devices

Hope this is the right place, I didn’t see a feature request board for PSU.

So, currently in my environment I have scheduled tasks running powershell scripts on machines feeding computer inventory data (Hardware, software, etc) back to a Powershell Universal API. Something I personally would be interested in would be a low-cost version of Powershell Universal that could be deployed to my managed devices that DOES support limited authentication (such as certificate based auth).

My imagined scenario would be something like this… Deploy PSU to devices, deploy pre-made scripts/configurations to devices. Devices would start PSU and have a set “configuration”.

Said configurations could be…
Scheduled jobs in PSU to run scripts
API’s for the server to communicate with to pull data on the fly
Maybe a dashboard with some live data.

To avoid a license being improperly used, limitations such as no Admin page access could be implemented, and limiting authentication in general to something like client certs and local administrators.

I like this idea and we actually had a license\installer for this way early in the PSU product development called Univeral Automation Desktop. We stopped offering it since not many people were using it but adapting the current version of PSU in the ways you’ve mentioned could make sense. I don’t mind offering something like this as long as it doesn’t add too much overhead for licensing or product development and support. It’s certainly something I thought was a cool use-case but didn’t see much traction and now that PSU is a bit further along as a platform, maybe it’s time to revisit it.

Let me thinking about it a bit. As for where to open feature requests, we have an open issue tracker here: Issues · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub