Failed to install MSI WinServer2019 Core

I’m new in this forum i’m learning how to use Powershell Universal (Free for now ^^)
After a short try on a server (simple install with msi wich work as expected), i want to create a dedicated Windows Server 19 Core virtual machine.
Actually, i’m not able to install it.
Is there any dependancies to respect?
By the way, how can we move files to another directory (in case of an OS upgrade for example)?
Thank you flr your answers.

Hi @yann-f,

Thanks for trying out Universal! If the MSI isn’t working for you, you can also install the service manually:

This will allow you to put it where ever you like.

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it’s working like a charm :smile:

In fact, some errors are encountered after reinstall so … new topic : UD from zip and IIS : Internal Error 500