Error with page refreshing

Hi all,

I’m going out of my mind. My machine and a colleagues machine the sync-udelement works perfectly and the information on the page is updated. However we’ve got another machine which is running our dashboard which will not update. I noticed it was running win7 so we replaced the physical machine with a win10 desktop. Same issue! I have checked that the logged in user is in the correct group for authorisation, and I can browse the dashboard with that account just fine. However…

On my machine:

On the dashboard machine after it tries to refresh

If I navigate to the url on my machine:

But on the dashboard machine:

Heres an extract of the log:

I just don’t get it!

Wow. That is a crazy. I was going to say there might be some sort of proxy or something preventing the connection to the UD server but UD is reporting the 404s…

The URLs look correct. I’m trying to think of what else to try…

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Strange huh! Took me ages playing with the dashboard code until I realised it was actually working on my machine. Then it reoccurred when we replaced the machine and my heart sank lol