Error : 502 Bad GateWay


I’m a new user of PowerShell Universal, and i’m currently facing a problem related to “502 Bad Gateway”.

Our infrastructure is the following :

  • One server with PowerShell Universal API
  • An external server (out of our organization), that query the API
  • An Azure GateWay between both

The problem is that sometimes at random moment the external server is facing 502 error Bad GateWay. It can works for a long time but at a random moment there can be the error popping of nowhere. Me made a test with a simple API route returning a string and the error appears sometimes. Localy on the server all is working fine.

In the logs of the server there no informaiton about the error, all seems fine.

I may assume their a problem between gateway and the PSUServer.

Does anyone know where can we search ?