Embed webpage on one of my pages

I would like for one of my pages in the sidenav to open to a page that displays our ticketing system website. I tried doing this with an iframe, which I think is the correct way to do it, but I would like it to scale to 100% of the page and not just a small frame in the corner.

New-UDPage -Name “TeamDynamix” -Icon home -Title “Team Dynamix Technician Portal” -Content {
New-UDIFrame -Uri “https://support.teamdynamix.com/

Currently, with New-UDIFrame you can’t add styles natively, as it doesn’t take an -Attributes parameter.
However, you can still totally do it with New-UdHtml for now.

New-UdHtml -Markup "<iframe
                            width: 100%;
                            min-height: 500px;'>