Header for all pages?

is it me or are we missing a header cmdlet ?
I want to have code that run on every page, but I dont want to dot source it to every page :slight_smile:
The footer have an Endpoint parameter, but that is not implemented.

Hi @McAndersDK

Check out UD-Helmet.
Either that or modify the under.html inside the clientfolder (?)

well ud helmet would need to be defined in every page also ?
well header is maybe a bad choise of word here.
I kind of like to create a “templating”, just like the footer works. (well not that limited.)

Hi again @McAndersDK
So you’re not referencing the HTML “< head >” but rather a template for new pages?

As far as i know, there is no such thing built in.

What you could do however, is to create a custom “New-UDCustomPage” which would take the same params as “New-UDPage” and just pass along everything to the UDPage, and appent the content / endpoint with the “templatey” stuff you’d like in it.

Should work? O:-)

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that could work yeah.
I would see what I can come up with :slight_smile:

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Feel free to share your findings if it could be usable.
The cookbook category could use some love!