Embedding Dashboards in Pages

This is a feature I’m pretty excited about so I thought I would share. In PSU v2.5, you’ll be able to embed dashboards in pages. This means you can create complex, interactive controls in UD and then use the drag and drop designer of pages.

The dashboard is this.

$Pages = @()
$Pages += New-UDPage -Blank -Name 'Home'  -Content {
 new-UDButton -Text 'Click' -OnClick {
    Show-UDToast "Hello!" -Duration 6000

New-UDDashboard -Title "Hello, World!" -Pages $Pages

Then the page can just use that dashboard directly in the page. You can also add other page controls to add things like alerts, text, images and what not.


There are still some limitations when doing this but it’s a step in the right direction.

Oh, also, you can customize the title and logo of the admin console (hence, Twitter).


That is pretty special.

When you say “a step in the right direction”, what exactly is the end goal? Is it to be able to have drag and drop like capabilities within the native dashboards? Just wondering :slight_smile:

Yep! I’m hoping to allow for the drag and drop capabilities and property editing to integrate with the dashboard features so that layout and configure is really easy but you can also have all the benefits of being able to code up custom components with PowerShell.