Does Universal Automation allow you to load scripts before another?

Does Universal Automation allow you to load scripts before another, for more context:

Currently, I have setup WebJEA - which has the ability to load a script automatically before another script, an example I have is, changing a DNS record, ie when you go to the page it runs a script which grabs the current entries and displays them, then displays another form (script) to actually change the entry, the reason I have the current entries displayed is to make sure there is a record of them on the screen and to display them to the user so if it is already configured properly they don’t need to actually make changes.

Note, 1 more quick question:

Can you restrict the Scripts to be run from users in certain AD groups only?

Both of these features would require build a form in Universal Dashboard rather than using the automatic forms in Universal Automation.

The first feature I hadn’t heard of before but I like that concept and will add it to our backlog.

The granular roles are slated for our 1.6 release of UA. You can achieve this will Universal Dashboard with it’s role-based access: