Questions regarding UA

Hi Adam.
I’m creating a UD (Universal Dashboard) website to manage my scrips. Can UA (Universal Automation) be a better alternative? My scripts affect Active Directory and Exchange mainly.

Hey Mike,

Kind of depends what you’re going for. If there are any reporting needs (showing data in grid\tables), it would probably make sense to stick with UD. If you’re just trying to run some scripts and allow users to kick them off and enter the parameters for the scripts, then UA might be what you’re after.

Eventually, we hope to have a UA component set for UD so you’ll be able to kind of blend then better together.

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One of the reasons we started to build UA is that we saw a lot of people building similar solutions via UD. Just trying to make it easier :wink:

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Also, if you aren’t sure / don’t have time to check out UA…We will also be hosting two live webinars next week to showcase the features of UA. Might help to show if UA is a better fit for you…

The first one will be at 12:00 PM Mountain Time on January 22nd. The second will be at 6:00 PM Mountain Time on January 22nd.

If you can’t make the webinar, we’ll be posting the demo to YouTube after the show.

12:00 PM Mountain Time – January 22nd – Join Link:

6:00 PM Mountain Time – January 22nd – Join Link: