Do I need a new license before upgrading PSU?

I have taken over the responsibility for PSU i our company and see that it needs upgrading. I read that I need a new license for a new version.
My question is if I should first get a new license before I upgrade? Is it mandatory in order for the upgrade to succeed?)

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

You’ll only need a new license to upgrade if your previous license has expired - unless you’re on some weird setup and legacy license or agreement that only covers certain versions, but I’m not sure if thats a thing or not.
If you’re on a recent version and a valid license already you dont need a new one, you can just go ahead and upgrade.

What version are you on?


I’m on v 1.5.21 and it is expired.

// Jimmy

Oh wow okay that is an old school version!
I dont beleive that you should need anything to upgrade, since there’s a free version, but you wont have any of the premium features unless you renew the licence, things such as Authentication etc,
There’s more context around what is free vs paid here: PowerShell Universal Pricing - Ironman Software

To be honest with you though, at that version, it’s probably just worth starting from scratch rather than trying to update anything, with each major version there has been rather considerable breaking changes.

If it was me, depending on how much there was, I’d pop up another server / instance on the latest version and manually work out how to migrate any dashboards/pages.

Ok, yea I see that we are far behind most recent version. I have also read som docs regarding the upgrade procedure and that it can be troublesome.

Thanks for your help, although it wasn’t the answer I wanted, rather feared :slight_smile: