Debugging UD with UDStudio

I put together a video of how to use UDStudio to debug UD. Hope it’s helpful!


Awesome @adam …thanks once again for supplying the goods!

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This is very kool. Would be even be kooler if I could get it to work. Installed 2.7.0 and UDStudio 0.1.4. Read the documentation and watched the video.

Running VSCode 1.39.2. I launched a dashboard in the VSCode integrated console and in the UDStudio activity pane neither the Cache or Dashboards populate with any data. Seems to be running is an infinite loop because the blue progress bar is continuing to move. The dashboard itself is working fine.
I guess there is something I’m not understanding.

When clicking on any item in the Help folder, the following error is returned.

Error running command udstudio.openLink: Running the contributed command: ‘udstudio.openLink’ failed… This is likely caused by the extension that contributes udstudio.openLink.

Hmmm interesting. That’s a pretty unhappy extension. Let me get back to you on the best way to debug this. Things like the udstudio.openLink command are pretty simple so it seems like the extension isn’t activating completely or something.

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Used this for about 2 hours last night mainly renaming my endpoints that i didnt give an ID name for…however when re-running the site, and refreshing UDStudio I noticed the endpoints if not named were like duplicating…made me think at one point I had 1000s of end-points :rofl: but I am guessing this is not expected behaviour?
I ended up renaming endpoints in batches closing VSCode reopening VSCode, re-running, then repeat that process…till I had all endpoints associated to a -ID parameter.

This is an extremely helpful tool, as I never got to grips with debugging in UD, and was outputting things to txt files to figure it out, so this is a huge help! :grin:

So my UD isntall is on a secondary drive and not in the default install folder, how would i point UDStudio to this install instead?

I just published a new version of UDStudio that add’s a setting “Universal Dashboard Path” to you can set to point to where ever you have it stored.

Ctrl+Shift+P -> Open User Settings and search for that setting name.

FYI: @AlonGvili

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Thanks a lot for this

I am new to UD, purchased a Premium license today. I loaded the UDStudio plug-in for VSCode, but never get the UDStudio Actvity pane to load. I am running on MacOS, and Pwsh-Preview 7 - release 6…
Any suggestions to t’shoot this?