Dashboard to show orders placed from sql db

was tasked with showing previous and future orders so warehouse staff can make sure stocks are at appropriate levels. Thought the nivo heatmap chart was a perfect way to display this data, i have a dynamic sql pivot query, which outputs to csv from that i make the hash table to feed as the data for the nivo chart


Hey @psDevUK, looking to use heatmap component for something similar but I will be getting the data from $session variables or other variables inside the dash where values will constantly change based on line item selected, was wondering on how this array/hash table was built, do you happen to have this example on github?


Hi @dtnyc9005 this is not on my github just yet, more than happy to place it on there,the DB which I was getting this info from I have no control over, and I’m only allowed to use views on a different DB to the main DB…so I cheated a bit as the timing was taking to long and outputted the results to CSV then displayed the information from a CSV file, only cause the SQL query was taking oodles of time to return the data. I will post an update here or if you want to find me on twitter im on psdevuk on there as well. Peace

Yeah, that would be cool what ever is easier for you, I also have time based data from a list of computers that I essentially want to index on, but sort of getting my head in a warp on how if anything it would be possible :wink:

Basically my data is a table(sql), that has performance data from a list of servers that are invoked periodically (capturing cpu/mem/disk + others) and wanted to use heatmap to show the times of hotspots.


Let me know if this makes sense.