Design Recommendations for Lockout Dashboard

I’m currently trying to puzzle out how to best make a dashboard that displays a table of users and the number of times they’ve been locked out in the past X amount of hours/days/weeks/months, as well as the source of the lockout (FQDN/IP). I know what I need to query for, but am not sure how to best store that historical lockout data using Universal Dashboard.

If anyone has any advice, I’d really appreciate it!

Hi @challer although I am still on UD, I find if the data is not in a standard format, then the easiest way is to export the data to CSV then use that CSV file to pull in the data. Sometimes I got scheduled jobs running on my PC to gather the CSV data and UD just reads the data nice and simple :slight_smile: hope this helps? I mean I have had to manipulate the data to get into NIVO format, but if you keep it in a CSV format should be easy enough as long as you can store a CSV somewhere on the network/local pc…
An example for me would be my IT dashboard, which I have ascheduled job set to run 3 times a day on my PC to check for any mailboxes on the warning limit, this outputs to a CSV file, and then the data is displayed in a table, making sure I never have a user flood their mailbox :grin:

I have a demo here on a custom component, that might work out really well for showing the data:-

I think I’m tracking with what you’re saying - store the historical data in a CSV, then just have the dashboard pull in the CSV. That can work. I was more wondering if UD had any way of storing historical data itself. Still, this approach you’ve proposed moves the ball forward. Thank you for that.

For that you will want to use the CACHE variable scope more information on official website