Dashboard Timeout every 2 minutes

Not a bug

Hoping someone finds this post helpful in the future.

I have been passively working through a dashboard timeout issue for a few months now on one of our two PSU servers running behind IIS. I would be using the dashboard and after 2 minutes the dashboard would timeout. It seemed to me that the dashboard timed out too consistently to be a technical glitch. It was also only happening on one of our servers. Both servers were running the exact same version of PSU with the exact same configuration files.

After diving into it the problem I noticed that the only difference between the two servers was the Start Mode in the Application Settings Pool under IIS. The problematic server was set to ‘AlwaysRunning’ and the server not timing out was set to ‘OnDemand’.

After switching the Start Mode of the Application Pool to OnDemand the problematic dashboard had no more timeouts. I must have switched over one of the PSU boxes while following the IIS setup guide here.

Again, this isn’t a bug just a troubleshooting finding I wanted to document for the community.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.1.2