Creating web form for users to change password

hi all,

using PSU version 4, what option do i choose to create a web form for users to change there passwords, is it User Interfaces > Apps or Pages

basically i want a nice web portal front end for the users to enter in there username password and then it passes it to powershell Set-ADAccountPassword


any help please

If all you need is a simple form for users to fill out, and then to use the data in the form fields to pass along to PowerShell cmdlets, I’d just use Pages.

If you have a bunch of pages that are all dedicated to a specific set of functions that all need to talk to each other or are talk with the same backend resources, etc., I’d then choose Apps (which can have multiple pages within it).

Hi @Jesse.Peden i just want a simple HTML/CSS form for users to fill out and then the data variables to pass to powershell Set-ADAccountPassword cmdlet

so would i need pages then?

Normally you would build Apps and Pages with things such as New-UDListItem or New-UDMenuItem to place objects where you want them with whatever styles you want to apply to them. You can look at Pages | v4 | PowerShell Universal for some better explanation of how it works along with some examples at Examples | v4 | PowerShell Universal and Apps | v4 | PowerShell Universal.

I’m not sure there’s a way to use custom HTML. I see documentation for how to use CSS to style a page (Cascading Style Sheets | v4 | PowerShell Universal) but not really anything for HTML.