Universal Automation Credentials

So, I am looking at Making a user creation script inside of my PSU instance, Using Universal Automation for this because i need a 2 hour delay (to allow for email to be provisioned).

The instance is running inside of IIS with an account that does not have permissions to create these types of accounts. So i am working on having it prompt for credentials when run.

I tried using [PSCredential] however It is not prompting for a username and password, but a prebuilt Crednetial.

Is there a way to take in a username/password and have the password be masked?

EDIT: I also tried: [String]$username, [Security.SecureString]$password

and Password is unmasked in the web interface when i try to run the script.

EDIT 2: Also attempted to use $credentials = Get-Credentials and the feedback did not request it in a 2 field format for username/Password

We will have to get this implemented. It doesn’t currently support just entering a credential.