Confirming Default Environment

Running 2.1.4 and curious if the default environment is the “Integrated” environment, or does it use the latest version of PowerShell installed? Specifically trying to figure out if default means Integrated, since that doesn’t currently support external processes or Run As context.

My environments.ps1 file is empty, and when I look in the Environments area of the admin console, there is no indicator for the default environment. If i go into edit one of them, there also is no option to view/set the default environment


Script options:

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.1.4

The default environment on a unconfigured install is the integrated environment.

If you want to override the default environment, go to the General settings page.

Sorry for hijacking the thread.

So, if default = intergrated - does this mean PS7?

In our environment, we are still on PS5.1 and PSU setup environment default is set as 5.1.xxxx. However, whenever there’s new PS 5.1 release, these updates is then pushed to our servers. In this case, the dashboard or script will fail to start / load and every time I had to update this in the environment manually. Is there anyway to ensure PSU always select the latest PS version?

Integrated means PowerShell 7.

If you are having problems with updates, I suggest editing your environments so an environments.ps1 file is generated. The problem is that if you do not have an environments.ps1, then PSU will search for available versions of PowerShell. It uses the version as the name so, as you said, your dashboards will fail to start.

Instead, if you have an environments.ps1 and set the 5.1 environment in there, PSU won’t search for available PS versions any more and will just use the 5.1 version you have installed.