Computer Groups - How are they assigned to a node?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

I’m a little confused… Computer Groups are tagged based. How do they equate to queues assigned to specific nodes? I have three servers. Take this computerGroups.ps1 on Server1 for example.

New-PSUComputerGroup -Name “Test” -Description “Test” -Tags @(‘MyTag’)

I assume I add this to Server2 as well if I want it to run anything tagged with MyTag there? But not Server3 if I do NOT want it to run there?

If I am reading that right, then how does Git sync work between the nodes if an individual file is different? Or am I missing something? Git sync would overwrite that file.

There is no cmdlet documentation for New-PSUComputerGroup either yet, just the documentation located at Assuming it would be the same as Get-Help anyway, doesn’t look like there is any more configuration items.