Computer Groups and Computers

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.4.21

Played with this some months ago… and couldn’t figure it out then… Finally have time to look at this again.

I don’t understand how a Computer group is attached to a specific server. It feels like the documentation misses some things.

So you create a computer group. It requires a tag. I add a tag… the tag drop down does not show existing tags, so I assume that it should be an existing tag?

Do we then add the tag to the computer in the computer tags and that ties a computer to a group? That is what it feels like but that doesn’t seem to work.

You can select the computer group when running jobs. It submits the job, then… nothing. Hangfire shows it is added to the computer group queue but the computer group is not attached to any servers.

I believe these replace queues in appsettings.json so I really want to figure this out… so how do we do this lol?