Categories and/or job search

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

Hi there!

Does UA (or is it planned) have the ability to have either job “categories” or the ability to search for jobs?

We use Rundeck at present and this gives us the option to group jobs into seperate categories as we have 100 or so scripts and it was becoming difficult to find the script we were after with them all lumped into 1 generic area.
Or perhaps the ability to search for a specific job?

Thanks, Mike.

This is coming in Universal 1.6. We are adding a tagging system so you’ll be able to assign tags to endpoints, scripts and dashboards. We’re also adding search so you’ll be able to find by name, description and tag.

Question: Would folders be helpful or would tags be good enough?

Hi Adam, thanks for the quick response!

Folders would be great for us, in an ideal world we’d end up with a job in an ‘Active Directory’ folder and then tagged with the function for the script.

So our Active Directory folder will contain all AD scripts then tagged with ‘New’ or ‘Set’ so we can filter them easily within that folder

Cool sounds good. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure this makes it into our folder planning. We probably won’t get this into 1.6 but will look at doing it after that.

Thanks Adam, sounds good!

The tags will be a good start for us and the only thing holding us back at the moment