Completly noob question, Authorization for the dashboard actions

Hey Everyone,

This might be a silly question but let me just try to get straight to the point. I’ve been creating some basic dashboard pages which were hosted from cmd-line and the actions which i’ve put on the pages were executed with my permissions. As this is a good way to test out the form, I would like to ask what is the best way of executing stuff or impersonating users with the credentials they use at the logon page perhaps? I currently only have access to the community version but my license purchase is in progress.
Sorry for the wall of text!

Hey @RandomGuy23 seeming as no-one shouted you back yet thought I would…don’t ever feel anything is a silly question. Have you read as this explains I believe what you are after. However I was pretty sure that the login/authorisation stuff was for the paid-for version. I hope the link helps answer your question? Let me know if I can be of more assistance. Thanks

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Thank you @psDevUK for your answer! Yes it did help me, I’ve forgotten this part of the docs site :smiley: .