Compare 2 Csv Files , New-UDInput

Just looking for some advice on the best method to accomplish this. I’m essentially attempting to create a Page that consists of a Input Form(s) where a user can select csv files. The user will select their first csv and then the second csv in which they want to compare it against. Ultimately my goal is to export the results to a UDGrid for comparison. Any advice on the best route to take for this?

Hello @keyforecast well without writing the whole script for you…lol…seriously though this dude and this script has saved me a good few times:-

So this works as if you are joining the 2 CSV as 2 SQL tables. So I personally would have two input fields 1&2 to upload the CSV files then a ‘magic button’ that when pressed would run the join script and display that CSV in a grid. Job done :slight_smile: is this enough help?

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