Column "Sortable" attribute doesn't persist in pages

I had this issue in 2.6.2 but updated just now to 2.7.0 in case it was fixed there, but no joy.

When I create a table and add columns, checking the “sortable” checkbox appears to make the column sortable until the page is saved and switches out of edit mode. Once you save the page, the column is no longer sortable.

Is there a .ps1 file somewhere that has the definitions of pages in code? Or are pages persisted in the repository?


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.7.0

Pages are stored as XML in the pages folder within the repository. You may be able to edit the XML manually. I just opened a bug for this issue.

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OK so confirmed it’s a deeper problem than just persisting to the XML. I set Sort=“true” on the first two columns by editing the XML, and the page still doesn’t render the columns as sortable:

(Unless I’m barking up the wrong tree - maybe there’s a different attribute I should be adding and “Sort” is something else.)

Oh you already fixed it! I hadn’t checked the status of the GitHub issue. Nicely done!

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You should be able to set change the attribute name to “Sortable” and it might work. If you edit it again, it will break it… :\

Sortable="true"? No luck there. This is all just a sandbox for now so no stress - I’m happy to wait for 2.7.1.

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