Change Monitor colors dynamically

Hello everyone,

this is my code :

$Monitors = New-UdPage -Name $cache:MetricsProbeToMonitor[0] -Icon link -Content  {

 New-UDMonitor -Title $cache:MetricsProbeToMonitor[0] -Type Line -DataPointHistory 50 -RefreshInterval 10 -Endpoint {

(Get-MetricsProbe -ApplicationName $cache:MetricsProbeToMonitor[0] -ProbeName "Last 10min errors" -Database "LOGGING").Total | Out-UDMonitorData


For example, if (Get-MetricsProbe -ApplicationName $cache:MetricsProbeToMonitor[0] -ProbeName “Last 10min errors” -Database “LOGGING”).Total is equal to 100 then my graph will be blue, if it’s greater than 100, then it will be red.

I want to change the color of the graph depending on the value of my command. How can I achieve that?

Thank you