Certain actions show across multiple dashboards

I’m toying around the the 1.1.1 release in my lab, utilizing the example files as one dashboard and then i have a basic dashboard of my own setup.

I’ve noticed when going through the various component pages on the demo dashboard, some of these items are either showing on my test dashboard, or on both dashboards.

Chips page - If you click the OnDelete chip, the info pops up on the test page of mine, not the demo page. Even if i shutdown my test page and restart the demo page, it doesn’t work on the demo page.
Modal page - when clicking on the examples to display modal popups, they show properly on the Modal page, but they also show on the page of my test dashboard.

My setup currently is like this:
2 Dashboards

  • My test page - base url is root / , running on the 3.0.0-beta4 framework with powershell.exe for process

Since I wasn’t sure where you were tracking the bugs for 3.0.0 at, as well as PSUniversal, i wasn’t sure where you preferred this was filed at.

  • demo site - base url is /demo , also running on 3.0.0.-beta4 and powershell.exe.

Oooo nice catch. Feel free to open issues on the UD repo. I haven’t exactly figured out how to manage PSU issues so let’s just keep UD stuff to the UD repo.

Issue filed https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/1648

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