Can't start VS 2019 with Pro Tools Enabled

So I was playing with the debugger options in Pro Tools for Visual Studio. Now when I start Visual Studio I get a PowerShell window which says VERBOSE: Waiting for debugger to attach. And VS 2019 is in the “Visual Studio is Busy” state (as if a modal dialog was open).

So I can’t very well go change the settings back to how they were. All I can do is open VS in SafeMode and uninstall Pro Tools. But reinstalling it brings the problem back. So I guess my real question is how do I “reset” all the pro tools options as if it were a new install?

That’s no good. I’d be really curious as to which setting your switched that caused this problem.

One easy way to reset it is to use the Settings Store Explorer.

Disable\Uninstall PoshTools and then pop the Settings Store Explorer open and delete the PowerShellTools.Options.GeneralOptions node.

That did it. SettingsExplorer is a useful tool.

If I were to guess I’d say it was the combination of these two items set to True. Not going to try it againg to see though. :slight_smile:

Not blaming you! I’ll look into it. Glad that the settings explorer was able to get you back in a running state.