Can't see my own components

I can’t see my own components that I have done, I did it in the following way.
Did write the function and in the end of the file I did write:
Export-ModuleMember -Function "MyFunction"

Saved it as a .psm1 file.
Re-located the file to

Opened Powershell then I did cd to the correct folder and then I did write:
New-ModuleManifest -Path .\MyFunction.psd1 -RootModule .\MyFunction.psm1

Checked and the .psd1 file is created then I did restart the PSU service - but still nothing under components in admin console - did I do something wrong?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

Did solve it, apparently you need to start with 1.0. If you want to start lower you need to modify the psd1 file.