Load custom module

Hi all,

I am working on my migration to the new platform and it is not without a struggle.
Must every custom module be build and uploaded to the marketplace?

Thanks for this amazing tool!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.2

no, I have custom modules that I run.
I add them to PowerShellUniversal\Dashboard\Components\COMPNAME\1.0…

this seems to work ok

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Hi DavidB thanks for your replay.

Do you know the requirements for the modules? Not every module i uploaded to the folders are visible in the “Dashboard Components” page.

I got one step further so thanks for that :slight_smile:

ok I just dropped them into the folder. you need to make sure that the powershell module version matches the file structure
so @{

Script module or binary module file associated with this manifest.

RootModule = ‘UniversalDashboard.DBDragDrop.psm1’

Version number of this module.

ModuleVersion = ‘1.0’

should mean that in the compoent folder, you have mycomponent\1.0\my stuff

that should work (I think)

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Thanks DavidB!
Hugs and kisses from Norway #noCovid19. :smiley:

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