BlueHive - AD Honeypot User Management

My Latest project:

In my day job, I work with Cyber-Security Software and I am always required to learn new concepts to stay on top of things. One of the concepts I wanted to learn was “Active Directory HoneyPot Users” - I also wanted to sharpen my Universal Dashboard skills so I created a project called “BlueHive”

This is basically a tool that will allow you to easily create and manage many Active Directory User or Service Accounts. The accounts will “Appear” to be realistic by populating many values such as Names, Emails, SPNs, etc. The idea is that if anyone tried to use one of these accounts you could pick that activity up with an external monitoring tool.

I will plan on doing a live stream/video on how I went creating the tool and some of the lessons learned. I have a couple of other infosec projects in the works I hope to share soon as well.