Active Directory Help Desk - Computer Report

I’ve released another blog post in my Active Directory Help Desk series. This one focuses on scheduling jobs, storing pipeline output and accessing that output in a dashboard to display in charts.


this is a great post! I really like this approach as it would be easier for someone to check the status of the job, to see if it has run and if it is producing data as expected - and that person doesnt have to be the one who is creating the dashboards.

The performance difference in accessing the pipeline is obviously a little slower than accessing the $cache, but not too much.

One thing I noticed is that you have to call connect-UAserver, or run get-uascript with apptoken etc. would you see this as a requirement if you are trying to connect from a running dashboard, would it be possible to bypass this?

It’s currently a requirement but we’ll be fixing that in the future so you don’t have to do it and it will be connected by default.

How would you go along if you wanted to invoke a script, wait for it to complete, before showing the result as a modal with the information collected? Is this possible at the moment?

You can use Wait-UAJob to do that. We have an example here:

I’m showing a toast, but you could show a modal.

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Perfect, Thank you, tried to use the wait-uajob, but see that I missed a few steps :wink: Will give it a go.