Are these dashboards possible?

I’m wondering if these two dashboards are possible, and if so could someone refer me to examples to get me started?

  1. A dashboard with a username/password/domain fields, that allows a user to change their AD password on multiple domain controllers at once
  2. A dashboard that can initiate a port scan on a specified server, and output the results to the same browser window.

Together with Universal Automation this should be possible.
Adam has put a blog series out for AD and Servicedesk that would show you how to change password on a user, so that should serve as a good start for you.

Using Universal Automation you can also invoke a script to do the portscan and present your result in the dashboard.

In first issue you would loop through all DCs to apply same action
However, if you’re on a single domain, the password replication should only take few seconds by default on your DCs, so realistically you only need to update one DC

We have about 10 different domains, so looping through each to update a password is what we’re after…saves us time every N weeks, where we’d have to RDP into each environment

What I’m not clear on is if Universal is invoking scripts that it has stored in its environment, or if I’m embedding all of the code that the dashboard is running within the dashboard itself? I see so many examples for dashboards that are representing charts/information, but no examples with buttons that actually perform actions.

Definitely take a look at the reset password blog post that was linked. I think it’s the example you’re after. Here’s the link to the code that is for the dashboard:

Here’s the Universal Automation script it’s executing: