Blank Page - UDGrid/UDLink to dynamic page

Hey Guys, facing an issue when calling a dynamic page from a link inside UDGrid, for instance below is the array that gets passed to Out-UDGridData, when the link is clicked, blank page is shown instantly. In the browser I get this “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <”, UDLog states results in a 200 and nothing else is shown. Anyone run into this?

$cache:Data = @(foreach ($item in $cache:Importdata) {

        Hostnames = (New-UDLink -Text $item.hostnames -Url "/dynamic-computer/$($item.hostnames)" -OpenInNewWindow -FontColor 'white')
        Department   = $item.Department
        Comment      = $item.Comment    
        Category     = $item.Category
        AdminContact = $item.admincontact
        TYPE         = $item.type



This is a problem that is currently in 2.3.1. In the process of getting a 2.3.2 build out that will resolve this. Your syntax looks correct.

Thanks @adam, not sure if its also related but when you also hit/call the dynamic URL directly it also results in this blank page behavior.