Basic Installation Procedure for Universal Dashboard on Localhost with Port Number


I am a novice at Powershell and the Universal Dashboard so please take that into account.

Following the Installation Prerequisites I have:
Windows 10 1803
64 bit Professional

Powershell 5.1
Powershell Core 6.1
Microsoft .Net 4.7

For every online example at site:

I get a Header, blank main page space, and footer.
Title will show up, for example the BGinfo title with my hostname.
Footer will show with UD blurb.

I’ve tried many other examples on docs pages for UD.
I’ve tried cleaning temp files, cache.

I just downloaded UD and am using the trial.
I assume the license trial is auto installed at this time.
I get the same results in: Chrome, Edge, and IE.

The module installed just fine.
ps1 files run without errors.
Web page with port number come up fine (Minus missing main page content.)

I’m looking to get anything to work at this point that is pulling info from some source:Hard drive, processes…

I’m just not sure at all what I am doing incorrectly.

Resolved Issue.
Sapien Powershell Studio was blocking module file.
Although I had unblocked ps1 file, and set other restrictions low for running UD for learning.
*Tip-Verify all 3rd party powershell tools and utilities are not causing any issues with file or script executions.