Blank screen when using -Footer

Hi there, I get a blank screen when I put a footer on my dashboard - take this away and it works.

$Footer = New-UDFooter -Copyright “some text”

New-UDDashboard -Title “title” -Pages @($page1, $page2, $page3, $page4) -Footer $Footer

Running PowerShell Universal 1.2.9 on IIS, UD version 2.9.

you need version 1.3.0 or nightly 1.3.1 for this to work.

Thanks for your help - I just upgraded to 1.3.0 but unfortunately the issue is still present.

what is in the log in psu when you run your dashboard?

Dashboard frameworks do not upgrade automatically so make sure you’ve changed the dashboard framework to the most recent version:

Thanks Adam, that’s caught me twice now. Still no luck:

2.9.1-beta6 results in a blank screen regardless of using -Footer or not
2.9.1-beta4 works but the navigation is broken - it adds an extra /sitename/ to the URL which I think I raised previously

Any updates on this one @adam?