AZKeyVault Secrets Error 3.6.2

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.6.2

I upgraded to 3.6.2 today (after running 3.6.1). I have a number of cmdlets I can from my dashboard that are used elsewhere that retrieve secrets from the AZkeyvault. Since upgrading, I am noticing two changes:
Every secret retrevial is now failing. (Others were failing randomly, but typically not all of them.) Here is the error message:
Unable to get secret 62088fb1-44d8-4348-90 from vault Az Key Vault

The secret 62088fb1-44d was not found.

Invoke-MSGGraphAPICall: StatusCode: 400 Errored on Uri: ec4f0ef5-fcc4-4d74-82cf-8516385c0940

Response status code does not indicate success: 400 (Bad Request).

Second, the error messages being displayed on screen are much more verbose than they ever have been. It is now retrieving all of the above instead of perhaps just a header type error response?

Typically, I would just want users to get the limited error message instead of ones that sometimes fill the whole page.

Ideas on either of these changes?

The verbosity of the errors is definitely my fault. I think we should make this optional and behind an optional. We can dial that back for 3.6.3 and add an option for 3.7.0 to turn that on for dev purposes.

As for the AzKeyVault changes, I’m not seeing how this build would have affected that. Typically, modules can have problems if we update an assembly they rely on, but we didn’t bump any NuGet packages between those releases nor change anything to do with secrets.

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I downgraded to 3.6.1 and, while I still get the occasional error (which has always seemed to happen in a bit of a random fashion), I do not get nearly the volume of errors I was seeing 3.6.2. I’m not sure what the difference is here.