Issue setting up keyvault for a 4.1.1 Docker Hub image

We are testing out PSU through Azure and are attempting to setup a Keyvault with it. We are using the 4.1.1-module docker image. I am getting a warning
[warning] Unable to acquire token for tenant ‘organizations’ with error ‘Entry point was not found.’
[error] Entry point was not found.

$sub = ‘1312afe4-1a1a-4d12-97c3-XXXXXXXXXXX’
Connect-AzAccount -Id -Scope CurrentUser -SubscriptionId $sub
Register-SecretVault -ModuleName Az.KeyVault -Name AzureKeyVault -VaultParameters @{
AZKVaultName = ‘MyVault’
SubscriptionId = $sub
} -AllowClobber

However When doing the same Connection script (The one in the docs) using 7.3.6 Environment it is able to establish the connection.

Edit: A correction. In 7.3.6 It is able to Connect(I run Get-AzKeyVault) command and it gets all of the Vaults I have under the Sub… However it fails with the following error later on…

[error] Could not load and retrieve module information for module: Az.KeyVault with error : Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Azure.PowerShell.AssemblyLoading, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. The system cannot find the file specified.

The new version of the container updated the version of the Az modules and they are not behaving properly in the PSU container. We’re going to pin the version to a module version that is known to work.

Should be included in 4.1.2.

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Is there a version of the Container for 4.x that has the working modules?

Hi @JoseJ

image: ironmansoftware/universal:4.0.12-modules works correctly for me.

Thanks for this Matt. I switched the container to 4.0.12 and was able to register the AzVault and get that functionality working!

Glad to hear it works.

It looks like Microsoft broke something in the latest AZ.Accounts and AZ.Keyvault modules.

Adam has put a fix in 4.1.2. Once those are released, I will perform a pull and test the images. I will let you know how it goes.

I have pulled ironmansoftware/universal:4.1.2-preview-modules and i can see the Az.Accounts and Az.KeyVault modules match the version numbers seen in 4.0.12 however, I still have the same connectivity problem.

When i revert back to 4.0.12 the problem goes away but comes back again when i attempt to pull anything higher the 4.0.12.

I will look into this a little deeper

After further investigation I have not made much progress.

Every time i revert to 4.0.12 this works with the same module versions.

I am unsure what [error] Entry point was not found. means when i try to connect to Azure. Whatever is happening, it can not find my tenant: